Assembly Instructions

Patio Furniture Assembly Instructions

Looking for what you will need to do to assemble our patio furniture. Or have you moved and need to re-assemble and cannot find the instructions? This page should be able to assist you.

Click on the product links and it will open a complete set of instructions. (Please note these files are very large and depending on your internet connection speed, may be slow to download). You will need Adobe Reader to see the instructions. A link to download Adobe is at the bottom of this page.

If the patio furniture you purchased from us is no longer available in our collection. Or it is in the process of being phased out. You will not see the instructions listed below. Please contact us with the model number of the furniture. We can then email you a copy of the assembly instructions.

International Caravan Collection

Mandalay Iron Bakers Rack: 3472

Mandalay Iron Bar Bistro Chairs - Set of 2: 3467CH

Mandalay Iron Bar Bistro Set: 3467

Mandalay Iron Bistro Chairs - Set of 2: 3473CH

Mandalay Iron Bistro Set: 3473

Mandalay Iron Chaise Lounge: 3475

Mandalay Iron Half Moon Table: 3470

Mandalay Iron Patio Arbor Bench: 3468

Mandalay Iron Patio Chairs with Arms - Set of 2: 3450CH

Mandalay Iron Patio Conversation Set: 3450

Mandalay Iron Patio Dining Set: 3454

Mandalay Iron Patio Loveseat Set: 3450

Mandalay Iron Plant Stand: 3466

Mandalay Iron Porch Double Glider: 3458

Mandalay Iron Porch Double Rocker: 3474

Mandalay Iron Porch Glider: 3457

Mandalay Iron Porch Rocker: 3453

Mandalay Iron Porch Swing: 3451

Mandalay Iron Rectangular Table: 3471

Mandalay Iron Round Table: 3469

Mandalay Iron Side Table: 3450ST