Loveseat Sets - Low Prices with Free Shipping.

Outdoor Loveseat, Coffee Table and 2 Chairs.

4 piece outdoor patio loveseat sets from $348, delivered to your door. You have 3 choices. Choose from the hardwood Timbo loveseat set. The sturdy International Caravan wrought iron style sets. Or the ePatio resin wicker sets complete with seat cushions. You might also want to take a look at our 3 piece Conversation Sets.

If you just want to buy the chairs for these loveseat sets, they can be purchased at our Outdoor Patio Chairs collection.

Blazing Needles Loveseat and Seat Cushions are available at Amazon to fit the iron loveseat and chairs.

To preserve the quality and life of your iron patio furniture, we suggest you use Rust-Oleum - Available in a 12oz can from Amazon, Rust-Oleum provides a clear protective coating to your iron patio furniture. To protect your Timbo hardwood furniture, we suggest you use a Hardwood Protector . These are both at Amazon.